Publishing is broken

Let's build something new.
There's an evolution taking place in the publishing industry, but we have to evolve too. Until we fully re-focus on self-determination and break free from gatekeepers, both real and imagined, there's work to be done... and taking up this responsibility, embarking on the writing process, and enjoying the end results and the community we build along the way is a rock worth picking up. This is a responsibility and opportunity we don’t intend to let pass us by.

Vehicle-agnostic, pro-technology, pro-analog; New voices and new perspectives. Strange Unknown Publishing rallys around indie author who believe in self-determination. We're part of a growing movement focused on the destruction of the roadblocks and gatekeepers that stand between the writer and her audience. As "authorpreneuers" we also believe that writing/reading is fundamentally a transaction. The reader provides his time and attention, and you as the author have an obligation to give him something deserving of it, with the work continuing well beyond the publish button. If this sounds liberating and exciting to you, join us.

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